Frequently Asked Questions

Our Menu is Ready. How long will it take to Go Live?

Typically you can go-live within a week. Let’s know, if you want to speedup. Once you sign-up for FoodALot, we will ship a welcome kit with a preinstalled FoodALot pad to your address. To setup credit card processing, you need to fill a simple form, key information are EIN, bank deposit account details. We will work on your menu.

How reliable FoodALot system is?

FoodALot servers are monitored 24/7. Besides we are alerted for any errors occurring during order submit. Besides we have fail-over server. If the main server fails, calls will be routed to a backup server. The chance of FoodALot server failing is very less.

What is your credit card processing fees?

Our credit card processing is 2.9% + 30c per transaction.

Are we responsible for charge-back fees?

Every order is monitored, our system accesses the risk and alerts us if there are some red flags. In-spite of such measures, still you could have charge-back and you are 100% responsible plus the 15$ charg-back fees.