FoodALot Journey May 2020 June 6, 2020 | 2 min Read

FoodALot Journey May 2020

This blog is about the journey of FoodALot in the month of May, 2020. We provide the best experience to our restaurants and customers. Please contact us, for any concerns or feedback. Thank you so much, for letting us serve you.

Welcoming our New Restaurants

Let’s welcome our new friends at Mi Cozumel, Tris Amigos and Artemis Bistro. Thank you from our heart for choosing FoodALot.

Enhancements made to FoodALot

We improve FoodALot continuously based on customer feedback. Small changes, but made huge impact on you and our end users!

Here are some key improvements

Based on our Cinco De Mayo experience, we added a max cap on number of orders in the active queue. This will act as an emergency brake for online ordering.

We integrated our system with another popular credit card processing company called Stripe. It is as good as our current processing company Braintree; but provides you with better reporting. You will know exactly where your money is! It will be easy to reconcile. Also, end-users will have a better ordering experience. With Stripe you can handle refunds better. All our restaurants will soon migrate to Stripe. Previously, end-users were unable to modify the pickup time. Based on the customer feedback, we safely added a logic that will allow them to modify pickup time.

Lessons Learnt from 2020 Cinco De Mayo

Our Mexican restaurants were overwhelmed with online orders on the Cinco De Mayo – So much that they could not even handle! There were so many unsatisfied customers and we had to provide refunds. FoodALot learnt a valuable lesson to limit the maximum number of active orders. Immediately we added a logic that will not allow more than 20 orders in the active queue at any given time. We thank El Rancho Nuevo and El Caporal restaurants for this invaluable lesson enduring hardship and stress! We worked as a team in handling the refunds. We also thank our end-users for their patience and tolerance!

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