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We serve restaurants like yours with our online platform. We digitize your menu, help your customers place online orders. Takeout, Curbside Pickup, Delivery, Dine-in, Order from table.

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Why FoodALot?

We design, develop and support FoodALot with passion, love and care. It is simple, secure and fast. Transparent pricing. Serving restaurants since 2014.


Customer Apps

FoodALot Web, iPhone and Android apps. People find your restaurant, see your menu and place online orders.


Online Ordering

Customers place orders for pickup or no wait dine-in. Optionally, you can deliver, if you have your own drivers.


Order from Table

Your in-restaurant customers can place orders from table. They can either use their own phone or FoodALot Kiosk tab.


Restaurant End

You receive orders in FoodALot order dashboard. Your tablet gets notified with any new orders; FoodALot also automatically sends the same orders to your kitchen printer.


FoodALot Experience

No cost until you get significant number of orders. No menu setup fees. Go live, in 24 hours. Topnotch support with remote monitoring and maintenance.

Why our restaurant partners love FoodALot?

FoodALot makes a huge impact right from digitizing the restaurant menu to delivering the orders reliably to tablet/printer at the restaurant.

Our strength is the technology that drives FoodALot.


FoodALot Journey May 2020

FoodALot Journey May 2020

This blog is about the journey of FoodALot in the month of May, 2020. Welcoming our new restaurants, Mi Cozumel, Tris Amigos and Artemis Bistro. Enhancements: Users can now change the pickup time, throttle incoming orders and migration to Stripe. Invaluable lessons learned from Cinco De Mayo enduring hardship and stress.

How Curbside Pickup helps our restaurants?

How Curbside Pickup helps our restaurants?

Independent restaurants are the vital part of our communities. With dine-in closed, they need our support more than ever. As local restaurants partner, FoodALot stepped up during this difficult time and took action by adding the “Curbside Pickup” option to maximize the safety of our restaurants and customers.