How to Install or Upgrade Order Dashboard

This articles shows how to install or upgrade to latest order dashboard, in your Android tablet or Android phone.

Installation / Upgrade Steps

  1. Select More -> Order Dashboard from the menu, which is in the top right corner of this page:
  2. This will take you to a simple html page with links to download order dashboard Android APP.
  3. Press link to the latest version (example: Order Dasboard 3.4.2) . Follow the instruction download and run the apk.
  4. During the installation processes, your android system will ask you to allow installation from “Unknown sources”.  Allow and if needed press the back to continue with the installation process. (Some system may ask if you want to send the app for scanning, Press Do not send)
  5. Installation is done and FoodALot Orders app icon will be in the apps tray. Swipe from the bottom to go there. If it is a new installation, you may want to long press the app icon and copy it to your home screen.

For New Installation Only

  1. Once you are done with the above “Installation / Upgrade Steps”, open the FoodALot Orders app and login with your FoodALot credentials (You will need Employee id, Password and Restaurant Id).
  2. After successful login, you will see the Order Dashboard Screen.
  3. From the top right title bar, You will see action icon menus. Select the last icon with three vertical dots and pick the last option “About”
  4. In the “About” modal screen area, tap, tap .. 6 or 7 times. The About dialog will close and a toast message will appear in the bottom “Pushyme Registration done….”.
  5. Go to the “About” dialog again. Press the battery optimization button. FoodALot orders app will be in the “All Apps” list. Scroll down and select FoodALot orders app, and check the “Do not optimize” slider and the app will move to the “Not Optimized” list.
  6. Press the back button of your bottom navbar, to go back to the Order Dashboard.
  7. All done. Send a test order to verify.