We Love what we do at FoodALot
We Serve our restaurants and users
We Care about them

End result is the Quality Software and the BEST customer experience.

We appreciate our users taking their time to send us helpful response on their experience using our FoodALot system. We sincerely appreciate their insight.

With over 99% 5 star ratings, we are delighted to hear that our users are having such a great experience.

FoodALot have served over 35 restaurants and 30,000+ hungry users fulfilling 58,000 orders.

We completely understand how rewarding it can feel when it is easy to order food online; and also their problems are solved within minutes.

Feedback like this helps us constantly improve our customer experiences by knowing what we are doing right and what we can work on.

Quick and Easy Online Ordering Process !


Easy to Use !


Makes ordering my favorite food incredibly quick and easy !


Painless !


It was real easy to order online !


Easy as always!! Thank you for making my lunch order planned ahead !

We are making continuous improvements based on what we hear from them and excited to serve more with our upcoming FoodALot mobile App. 

Thanks again to our Cheerleaders for their kind words.